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Secure, Flexible, Centrally managed enterprise broadband service.

Today, every single business venture needs connectivity…but at what cost? LS tries to bridge the gap between cost of service, speed and reliability by providing cost efficient and reliable plug and play connectivity on a flexible pricing model.

Our primary focus areas are small and medium enterprises that need reliability and speed combined with a near-zero start-up time. With us, you can select your premises today and start operations tomorrow. LS delivers the goods to you right when you need it.

  • LSFN- BP provides full duplex internet access, but not a Dedicated Leased Line and is governed by Standard TRAI Quality of Standard requirements.
  • One Static Public IP can be provided on request.
  • Two static Public IP can be provided for LSFN-BP 8000 / LSFN-BP 11000.
LS-Fibernet Business Plans
Plans Speed FUP Limit Monthly charges(INR) Speed Post FUP
LSFN- BP 3999 400 Mbps 1 TB 3999/- 10 Mbps
LSFN- BP 5999 1 Gbps 1.5 TB 5999/- 15 Mbps
LSFN- BP 7999 1 Gbps 1.7 TB 7999/- 15 Mbps
LSFN- BP 10,999 1 Gbps 2 TB 10,999/- 20 Mbps

Features and Benefits

  • Internet Bandwidth tailor-made for your Business
  • Get LS Fiber Net Value Internet pack at cost effective rates
  • 24×7 NOC support with proactive network management
  • Cost effective and flexible Internet plans
  • High speed Internet access
  • Scalability
  • Symmetric bandwidth
  • High service availability
  • SLA with 99% uptime

Terms and Conditions

  • All contracts need to be annual in nature
  • Payments to be made quarterly in advance
  • Standard installation charges will need to borne by the customer
  • Installation time will be 1 week